Vodafone Fiji Website Most Visited in the World
11th December, 2008

The Vodafone Fiji website achieved a significant milestone when it was rated as one of the most visited and trafficked of all Vodafone websites in the world. Vodafone Fiji was officially informed and congratulated on this milestone achievement by Sydney based Vodafone Fiji Board Director, Mr Hugh Humphrey on his recent visit to Fiji.

According to independent French web search engine KartOO, Vodafone Fiji is in the Top Three most visited Vodafone websites anywhere in the world, with 1.5million hits in November alone. This has been the case since the launch of eShop and Web Topup service.

 “This is a phenomenal achievement for Vodafone Fiji, said Ms Avanthi Senarate, Chief Marketing Officer of Vodafone Fiji.  To be rated as the most trafficked of all Vodafone sites around the globe is no mean feat for a relatively small operation like Fiji.    It speaks volumes about the quality and value our website provides to users around the globe. For a small operation like Vodafone Fiji, we must be providing something unique and compelling to attract an average of 1.5 million unique visitors to our site every month.

The continuing success vodafone.com.fj shows the potential of ecommerce in Fiji.  A lot has been said about the world being a global village. With increasing influence of wireless communication and virtual shops, businesses increasingly need to cater for the global market.  If the success of our website is any indication, we may have just opened the Pandora’s Box for ecommerce in Fiji.

Vodafone Fiji website provides a unique service called VMAIL. It allows registered subscribers to send free text message from the Vodafone Fiji website to local Vodafone mobile numbers.  This is a very popular facility and accounts for a significant portion of all traffic that is driven to the site. Vodafone Fiji was also the first to implement a LIVE SUPPORT solution for it's customers among all the global subsidiaries. It is a very heavily used application providing an “always-there” alternative to picking up the phone. This feature was also highlighted as a case study in the Vodafone global newsletter.

“So contrary to the belief that we just copy from the rest of the world, we can also come up with some of our own world first”, said Ms Senaratne.

When asked why the site proved so popular with the users, Ms Senaratne said, “The site is very user friendly.  Its simple layout makes it very easy to navigate.  The site is also kept current with daily updates on all aspect of Vodafone Fiji business – something that is critical to the success of any website.  The Vmail service is very popular with users.  We also complement our core business of mobile communication through the provision of web-top up service.  This allows anyone to top up or recharge a local Vodafone mobile online using credit card from anywhere in the world. 

We have also launched Vodafone eShop – an online shop that allows users to purchase mobile products and accessories online.  Eshop has been a hit with former Fiji residents now staying abroad.  “A significant portion of the on-line transaction has been by former Fiji residents buying phones and recharge for their families and friends back in Fiji.

It clearly demonstrates how technology can be used through as an ecommerce solution to serve customers on a global front.  For Fiji, this holds huge potential through an ICT industry. 

The Vodafone Fiji website is designed, developed and supported locally by Oceanic Communication Ltd working along side Vodafone Fiji’s web team.  The Managing Director of Oceanic Mr Jonathan Segal said,” Vodafone Fiji is one example of a local company that is clearly benefiting from a focus on their website.  We have been able to put extra attention into designing a site built around simplicity and it’s a pretty awesome project to work on.  Vodafone keeps the site updated with most recent information to ensure that customers get “new news” every time they visit the website.  Oceanic has been associated with the development of the website from the outset and it is rewarding to see our work we’ve done being recognised by the customers globally as well Vodafone”.  Ms. Senaratne also acknowledged Oceanic input in the Vodafone Fiji website saying, “Oceanic has been an exclusive and strategic partner in our website development and maintenance.  They have been able to provide expert advice in developing an end to end ecommerce solution.
The Vodafone e-shop is at www.vodafone.com.fj/eshop and accepts Visa and MasterCard.

About Vodafone Fiji:

Vodafone Fiji Limited is part of Vodafone Group Plc, a leading mobile communications company with over 270 million proportionate customers worldwide. Vodafone Fiji which is a partnership with ATH Group and provides mobile telecommunications services to 650,000 Fiji customers. Vodafone is the number one mobile network in Fiji .The global company has equity interests in 26 countries and partner networks in a further 33 countries, the largest global footprint.
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About Oceanic

Oceanic is technology-driven advertising, marketing and new-media agency focusing on integrated offline and online communications strategies.  Their work includes website development, online and offline marketing, intranet and extranet communications and branding.  Servicing client in Fiji, the South Pacific and the United States, Oceanic works at improving the business performance of our clients through technology and communications.
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