Post Fiji Launches Online Mail Tracking
Fiji Times - 21 February 2010
POST Fiji has introduced a new system that allows its customers to access a track record of mail sent through EMS courier post, registered post or parcel post. Post Fiji CEO Joape Kuinikoro launched the service with members of the Fiji 7s team in Suva yesterday.

He said measures had been put in place to monitor missing mail. He said some packages sent through normal post did not have proper addresses. "Those parcels are directed to a specific office and we send it back to the sender. This would take between one or two months to reach the sender," he said.

Spokeswoman Merelita Isimeli said the company launched a website last year with plans to offer a Track and Trace feature. "The advent of the digital era and ever-changing technology has made it a necessity to provide this service," she said. "This is particularly for customers who expect reliable, on-time delivery for the premium EMS courier post, registered post or parcel post services they use at Post Fiji.

"The new Track and Trace feature is extremely user-friendly. To utilise it successfully, the user must provide the correct 13-character alpha-numeric code to view a detailed history of the item whether being sent or expected to be received by them."

Meanwhile, Post Fiji's 2010 Back to School Promotion has come to a successful end. Ms Isimeli said about $20,000 in cash prizes were awarded. "The Digicel Fiji 7s team was also in-store promoting the sale of the FRU lottery tickets that are available at all Post Fiji outlets," she said.

Oceanic Communications managed and developed Post Fiji's online track and trace system, working in conjunction with the organisation's IT team.