Oceanic Launches Affordable Web Development Service for Fiji Businesses
A web development service offering quality, easy to build, fast and affordable websites was launched today.

In announcing the availability of Oceanic LITE, Oceanic Communications says the web development service, aimed at small to medium-sized businesses in the region, is a web-based application that allows businesses to build their own websites using nothing more than a web browser. "A big challenge for local businesses is both the cost of accessing the Internet as well as having a website that is effective and functional," said Jonathan Segal, Managing Director of Oceanic.

"Oceanic LITE addresses the second issue and provides an easy and affordable method for web publishing. Newer, better and cheaper ways to connect to the Internet should now encourage more companies to get themselves online to further advertise their businesses and attract new customers. "Advanced web site applications such as custom contact forms, shopping carts and even Flash multimedia wizards are included and available," Segal said.

The packaged service will include giving businesses their own domain name, email address, web hosting and access to unlimited updates for a year for under $2000.

"With over 800 design templates to choose from, companies can develop and design their sites and be up and running in days rather than weeks," Segal said. A free trial for 30 days is available at http://http://www.oceanic.com.fj/LITE Oceanic LITE will be also be on display at Fiji Showcase, opening this weekend.

Oceanic Communications Ltd. is an interactive agency with a focus on website development, online marketing, intranet and extranet communications and digital branding. Headquartered in Suva, Fiji and servicing the entire South Pacific region, Oceanic plans, designs and develops systems to improve the business performance of its clients. Learn more at http://http://www.oceanic.com.fj