Oceanic Being Different

If there's an end goal in the way Oceanic wants its clients and the public to consider its work, it's about creating solutions that are simple and memorable. The company believes that things that are simple are more often used, more quickly understood and easier to remember. The end result is a better product, service and idea.

Officially, Oceanic is an interactive agency focusing on website development, online and offline marketing, intranet and extranet communications and digital branding. In plain English, Oceanic is about working with companies to get their messages heard in an increasingly crowded business world. It's about finding ways of communicating more effectively from within, as well. This might happen by building public websites or it could be by developing ad campaigns that are striking and noticeable.

Although the company was only recently formed in early 2005, Oceanic now counts a number of Fiji's largest and most dynamic organisations as clients including the Fiji Visitor's Bureau, FEA, Unwired Fiji, Xceed and Tappoo.

"We're really happy with the response to the work we've been doing," says Jonathan Segal, Managing Director and CEO of Oceanic. "Working with the Fiji Visitors Bureau and launching the new bulafiji.com site has been a real highlight for us, obviously. The fun we've also had developing some of the marketing strategy for Unwired Fiji has really driven us to build up that side of our business as well."

It's been an exciting ride in the company's first 8 months of operation. In April, Kontiki Growth Fund invested $200,000 in Oceanic's business enabling it to build proper offices at Garden City and develop its business plan further.

Where does Oceanic want to be in 5 years?

"We work in a very fluid industry that changes often." says Jonathan. "Part of our jobs is to see where we can take advantage of that change. It might sound a bit unconventional but I have no idea where the company will be in 5 years. After all, would many people have thought 12 years ago that such a vast majority of the world's information would be available through a personal computer? It should be considered a strength to be nimble in business and that's where Oceanic should be."

The company itself is unusual in the way it runs and manages itself. Its offices are completely open with lots of green plants, and use natural-colored lighting to create a comfortable feeling. Its meeting room doesn't have a traditional boardroom table but instead uses comfy sofas and chairs to help build and inspire creativity. Even the rules for employees tend to differ a bit from the norm.

Ronna Pastorizo, Oceanic's Creative Director, says she feels as if she can work for the company on her own terms, which make her more productive. "I'm not really an early morning person, "says Ronna. "Unless I have a meeting, I usually come into the office around 10 o'clock to start my day. My working style suits those times better and I know the company benefits."

Jonathan couldn't agree more. "We've always wanted to build a workplace that fully revolves around the way its employees want to work. We're not hiring people to work 9-5. We're hiring people to come up with ideas or do website development or build designs. It's an important differentiator for us."

The company is now beginning to focus its energy on integrated marketing efforts that offer its clients multiple channels for selling its products and services. This can include website development in conjunction with newspaper advertisements and other offline media. These services compliment the other, more standard offerings Oceanic sells, including email/web hosting and digital marketing solutions.

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