Agency Puts Forward Planking Challenge
10 JUNE 2011

Staff of Oceanic Communications bit the dust yesterday in an effort to set the local length record for the global social trend of Planking.

Planking is essentially the act of lying down with arms at your sides, and your forehead to the ground (much like a plank) in select public places.

Staff of the communications agency chose the Nasese seawall, and with eleven participants managed to exceed over sixteen metres in length of this 'mass-plank'.

"There have been negative connotations associated with planking due to some accidents that took place, overseas,” says Christina Mitchell, General Manager Advertising & Marketing Services of Oceanic. "As long as safety comes first, there's no reason why this can't continue to be enjoyed as the social exercise it is."

Participants described the act of lying facedown in a public place as liberating. "Usually going against the norms of how one is expected to behave in public involves defiance and aggression. Planking is peaceful, and unifying in nature, as it is a global trend." said one staff member.

The agency hopes that other groups and individuals will try and beat the sixteen metre, or eleven person, record they have established.


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