On December 25th, 2008 Fiji Outrigger signed off on an agreement with Oceanic Communications that established substantial exposure for both parties in the international and sporting arenas.

Oceanic Communications will develop and host www.fijioutrigger.com.fj for a two year period, and so far this qualifies them as the major FO sponsor for 2009. The sponsorship is valued at $25,000.

Website sponsorship for 2007-2008 had previously been undertaken with the two parties, but on a much smaller level. The new site truly captures the spirit of the sport in Fiji on a design level, and brings users to a much more intimate understanding of local clubs.

The website will be an integral tool in creating awareness of the Wai Tui Fiji Outrigger International, Fiji's largest annual outrigger event which sees participating teams from various countries in the South Pacific.

Oceanic is a technology-driven advertising, marketing and new-media agency, focusing on integrated offline and online communications strategies.

Their work includes website development, online and offline marketing and digital branding. Servicing clients in Fiji, the South Pacific and the United States, Oceanic works at improving the business performance of clients through technology and communications.

Oceanic is Fiji’s leading integrated marketing agency with a full-time staff of 15, made up of technical developers, user interface designers, strategists, account executives and administrative staff.