Working at a company like Oceanic isn't for everyone.  We've tried to avoid a structured organizational chart. There are no required meetings. There is no dress code (although we hope and expect people to dress appropriately for the things they have going on). Working hours are generally flexible and up to individual employees even though we maintain an office from 8-5:30.

If Oceanic is made up of adults, then the company's policy is to work at treating employees as adults. Some people work better in the morning hours than in the afternoon, after all. Forcing them to come into the office in the morning is counter-productive and a waste of both employee and company time. In short, we leave it up to employees to determine how they will be most productive and we trust them to make the right decisions.

If this sounds like a place you'll be interested in working at, feel free to send us your CV at If you're a client and would like to see how this approach enhances your projects, let us show you how it works.